Join us in worship, fellowship and ministry. 
We celebrate the Catholic Liturgy.
We are one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
established by our Lord Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY MASS at 11:00
All Are Welcome!

1000 N. Hercules Rd.
Clearwater, FL
(Clearwater Air Park)
Tampa Bay Veterans Alliance Facility
(first building on the right)

†  Father Robert "Bob" Swick
Priest - Pastor - Chaplain and Veterans Advocate
(727) 641-1181

The Old Catholic Church
Province of the United States

Kids Always Welcome!

*Eucharist  *Baptism  *Confirmation  *Reconciliation  *Matrimony  *Holy Orders  *Annointing of the Sick

Recognizing that the sacraments are a means to God's mysterious, inclusive, and abundant grace and that God
withholds that grace from no one, we bar no one from any sacrament.  Fully embracing Jesus' declaration in John 10:10,
I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly",
The Old Catholic Church takes seriously its task to proclaim the gospel of freedom and life in the Risen Christ.
These are indeed the cornerstones of The Old Catholic Church identity and mission.
Ancient Faith - Welcoming and Inclusive Church - Serving the Modern World
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